Choosing the right property Solicitor

How Times Have Changed

A few decades ago, solicitors were able to make a lot of money from conveyancing (i.e. legally transferring a property to a buyer from a seller). Primarily, this process consisted of filling in a few basic forms. During this period, conveyancing fees were unfairly high. This all changed once solicitors were granted the freedom to advertise their services. At this point, fees for conveyancing fell noticeably.

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Avoiding any Unnecessary Errors

These days, conveyancing is a tedious and painstaking task that will not be worth the effort or time of doing it for most people. Although you might save a bit of money, problems frequently arise. If you attempt conveyancing yourself, you might not notice certain problems and they may not become evident for several years, when you want to sell. Of course, solicitors overlook mistakes as well, however if you hire a solicitor and this happens their insurers ought to compensate you. If you are purchasing a recently built home, a flat, or a building that is not on the Land Registry, the process will be extremely complex. estate agents birmingham can recommend good solicitors, who have the knowledge to get everything done correctly.

A Solicitor can Carry out Research

Your solicitor will investigate everything to ensure that you are given plenty of details about the house, prior to purchase. In the event that something unusual is discovered, they will tell you what the best course of action is. Solicitors can clarify the whole process of buying a property, highlight what needs to be done and offer expert guidance every step of the way.

Getting the Contract Signed

Before contracts are exchanged, your solicitor will ensure that any legal issues related to the property are resolved. You will have to sign a legally binding contract to authorise the sale of the property. At this point, your solicitor will advise you about what money you have to pay (like your deposit). Also, you will be informed about their previous research and the mortgage offer. They will consult with you to organise a date for the sale to be finished. You can ask your solicitor about anything you are unsure of.

Completing the Purchase of the Property

A solicitor will do everything necessary to complete the sale, including the funds transfer. This is the time you will receive your new house keys. They will assist you with the tax return and arrange to pay HMRC the Land Tax Stamp Duty. Also they will register you as the property owner, and register your mortgage company with the Land Registry as the lender. You ought to get all the legal paperwork from your solicitor about twenty-one days after you move. If you are purchasing your house with a mortgage, a copy of your title deeds will have to be sent to your lender. Typically, they will keep this for the duration of the mortgage. This process is highly confusing, so it is always best to hire a professional to do it for you.